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About Erin Knight

Philadelphia is one of the great livable cities ó a place where you can walk to any number of fantastic restaurants, museums, galleries, and schools from your home.

I grew up here. Along the way, I lived in a few other great cities, but I always came back to Philly because itís such a fun, livable, affordable town. I could work here, and still have time to go out, take a class, see a play, attend a reading or go to the playground with my children.

Over ten years ago, I decided to make the leap into the field of real estate. Most of my career prior to that was spent working in public media as a project manager, producer and editor at places like WHYY. What I loved about my former role was finding the art in peopleís stories, and Iíve found that helping someone buy a home is about scouting the best location for their story. When helping my clients sell their home, I present the beauty of that property. My background in production and editing have given me the ability to see both the big picture and the tiniest details simultaneously to make sure that all of the logistics of a sale come together.

Even though I know this city well, every transaction teaches me more about our community and its stories. Iím looking forward to learning what is important to you.

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